Ready Mix Concrete Industry
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  • Earth Containing WallsSupply and assembly of concrete blocks for the construction of retaining walls.
  • Earth Containing WallsAvailable in conventional concrete, colored concrete or rustic stone cladding.
  • Earth Containing WallsA fast and flexible building system for custom storage of bulk goods and other materials.
  • Earth Containing WallsThese concrete blocks can be easily stacked and are suitable for use in earth retaining walls, industrial partitions, bulk materials storage, etc.
  • Earth Containing WallsThis innovative system offers a fast and efficient solution to the problems of permanent or temporary storage and an adequate solution for the efficient storage of separate materials. Easy to expand or remove blocks, a durable and high residual value system, due to the possibility of reuse.
  • Concrete FloorsProduction and transport of all types of industrial or commercial concrete floors
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About Us
We are a company that bets on quality, professionalism and constant improvement of our products and services. We have qualified and experienced professionals working with us so we can serve the concrete market in a better way.
We strictly control our production, from the raw materials acquisition to the final product.
The Concrete Ready Mix Factory PAVIBETÃO is constantly monitored by specialists involved in the production and quality control of the mixing, also testing the final product in external and internal laboratory, according to the european standard NP EN 206-1.